Our Mission

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and investors building and backing companies that will make the world more efficient, accessible, and enjoyable.

Our Principles

Our investments and engagements are guided by a basic set of principles.

Never Engage in Illegal, Unethical, or Immoral Activities.
Always Aim to Add Value.
Identify and Address the Elephant in the Room.
Words and Details Matter.
Disclose Conflicts and Align Incentives.
Seek Sustainable Growth.

Investment Thesis


We are actively investing, building, and supporting entrepreneurs to make the world more efficient, accessible, and enjoyable. We are focused on Private Markets for three main reasons.

  1. Public Markets are efficient and accessible to all investors. SCP cannot provide any special access or meaningful advantage.
  2. Private Markets lack the efficiencies and technologies that are leveraged in Public Markets, thus presenting meaningful opportunities to add value.
  3. Supporting entrepreneurs at early stages is critical to drive innovation and easier to “move the needle”.

Our society faces meaningful challenges. Entrepreneurs on a mission to solve these challenges need capital and support. The investors that back these companies have the opportunity to generate meaningful returns while making the world a better place.


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein.


Simultaneously, many investors are not provided with access to the best investment opportunities. By providing access and enlisting an army of strategic investors, we seek to improve an entrepreneur’s odds of success while democratizing access to investments and generating meaningful returns.


Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself.” – Charlie Munger


We will only share opportunities where we are investing our own capital. We are opportunistic and focus on opportunities:

  • Where companies are solving tangible problems to make the world more efficient, accessible, and enjoyable.
  • When SCP and our network can add strategic value.
  • Led by Entrepreneurs that have an impressive background or track record.
  • With professional investors committed to fund and support companies.
  • In verticals that fall within the expertise of our team and network.

After investing, we are committed to supporting our portfolio companies. We invest because we believe in their products and services. We put our money where our mouth is and our mouth where our money is.


Below is a summary of the verticals, methods, and markets where we strategically deploy capital.

Verticals of Interest

Fintech | Impact Investing | Blockchain | AI | Analytics | Cybersecurity | Biotech | Healthcare | Mental Health | Edtech | Athletics and Sports Betting | Logistics | Real Estate | Smart Homes | IoT

Professionally Led Investments

Through our network, partnerships, investments in funds, and participation in syndicates, we are able to source and support high quality and properly structured investment opportunities. We leverage the expertise, deep pockets, and network of professional investors without competing. We do not lead rounds and our ability to add value, commitment to support underlying companies, and high integrity enable us to continue growing this network, all while providing unique access to investors.

Pre-IPO Market

As of April 2022, there are over 1,000 “Unicorns”, private companies with a valuation of over $1 Billion, up from an estimated 39 Unicorns in 2013. Historically, companies pursued an IPO after 5-7 years of operating and growing their business. This enabled shareholders to liquidate positions and for the general public to invest with significant upside potential. As an example, Amazon went public at a valuation of $438 Million and has seen over a trillion dollars worth of growth in the public markets. In order to help with the alignment of VC Investors and entrepreneurs/employees as well as meeting the demand for interest in buying and selling shares of private companies, SCP has implemented innovative solutions to invest and enable others to join us.


Unfortunately, crowdfunding has been used and abused by many issuers and market participants. We work with our network of strategic partners to enable companies to experience the intended benefits of crowdfunding, while providing investors with well vetted and properly structured investment opportunities.

For unique opportunities, join our Syndicate.

SCP Syndicate