As fellow investors and entrepreneurs, we understand the “struggle” and empower you to focus on what you do best.

We provide investors with easy access to high quality, exclusive investment opportunities and leverage our expertise and network to support entrepreneurs.

By investing our own money and working with professional investors, we ensure investment opportunities are well vetted, supported, and incentives are aligned.

Our Principles

Our investments and engagements are guided by a basic set of principles.

Never Engage in Illegal, Unethical, or Immoral Activities.
Always Aim to Add Value.
Identify and Address the Elephant in the Room.
Words and Details Matter.
Disclose Conflicts and Align Incentives.
Seek Sustainable Growth.

Our Solutions

We believe in the power of symbiotic relationships. We have developed mutually beneficial and tailored solutions to support, empower, and connect entrepreneurs with strategic investors.


We don’t believe that check size should prevent you from accessing high quality, exclusive investment opportunities. Join our syndicate and network of strategic investors.



As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand and appreciate the “struggle”. We are here to help.


Funds and Syndicates

Fund managers and fundless sponsors are a critical component of the SCP ecosystem. Learn how we can partner and add value.


A Growing Ecosystem of Strategic
Portfolio Companies

We want to be as transparent as possible, but this is not a comprehensive list of all private investments. We will add more as we receive permission and portfolio companies exit stealth mode.

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Through Strategic Capital Partners

Through Strategic Capital Partners

For unique opportunities, join our Syndicate.

SCP Syndicate

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We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you. We have a scout program and support program to incentivize our network to share high quality investment opportunities and support portfolio companies.

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